Fund your present without
risking your future.

Tap into your home's equity

to fund an education.

to age in place.

to start a business.

to pay off credit card debt.

to get a fresh start.

to fund an emergency.

to buy a second home.

No debt. No monthly payments. No kidding.

What is it illustration

Use your home's equity to do what you want. Debt-free.


This means we make an investment in your home now. You get cash to help fund goals or needs you have — without having to sell your home, use up your savings, add yet another monthly payment, or implement draconian lifestyle changes.

Eliminate credit card debt

Get rid of a monthly bill. Put your money into your future, not your past purchases.

Have more control in your retirement

Stay in your home. Pay your property taxes. Renovate for shower stalls and ramps.

Help your children fund their education

Give them the gift of college without the burden of debt.

Divide your assets and stay in your home

Divorce is painful enough without the heartbreak of moving.

Renovate your house

Stay in the community you love—and get the home of your dreams.

Fund your dreams

Start that business, buy that second home, see the world.

Pay for an emergency

The unexpected can cost a lot. Hometap can get you money in weeks, not months.

We invest in the future value of your home,

giving you access to the money today.



We prepare an offer

We help you apply, appraise your home and present you an investment offer, usually between 5 and 15% of your home's current value.


You get the money upfront

Once the paperwork is signed and recorded, the money is yours. You decide how you want to use it. No debt or monthly payments.

For more information about fees and costs associated with a Hometap investment, email us at


You sell when you're ready

Finally, when you're ready to sell, whether it's next year or 10 years down the road when the term is up, we'll be paid out our share plus an investor return — a percentage of the sale price.

Hopefully you and Hometap both make money because your house has increased in value. And if it doesn't? That's our risk, not yours. And, as such, we don't invest in every property.


Is Hometap right for you?

Get money from your home without selling it? It's understandable that you'd have a lot of questions, and we want you to feel 100% confident you're making a smart, informed decision.

Take our quiz to see if we're a good fit.

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So what exactly does Hometap do?

Hometap is a way for homeowners to be paid today for equity they’ve accumulated in their property - without getting a loan. We invest alongside homeowners, providing cash today and participating in the proceeds at the time of a sale.

What's the difference between Hometap and a loan?

Unlike a lender, we receive no monthly payments or guaranteed return on the money we’ve invested. For some, taking an equity investment can be an intelligent way to fund the opportunities and needs that come up in life while eliminating the “debt-stress” of increased monthly payments.

Who can use Hometap?

We invest in condos as well as single family homes, and evaluate every property independently. Take the fit quiz to find out if a Hometap Investment might a good fit for you.

What is the process for getting a Hometap Investment?

Getting a Hometap Investment is done in a few simple steps:

1. Complete an Investment Inquiry

You’ll create an account and submit an Investment Inquiry through the Hometap website. 

2. Speak with your Investment Manager

If we think an Investment might be possible, we will send you an Investment Estimate, which includes estimated terms specific to your property. Your Hometap Investment Manager will set up a call with you to walk through the numbers and answer any questions you may have about the Application process. 

3. Submit your Application

Once you’ve uploaded or scanned your documents to your computer, grab a cup of coffee and get started – this Application shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. 

4. Closing

Before we can prepare the final Investment Details, you must schedule a physical appraisal of your property. Once the appraisal is complete and the Investment Details are finalized, we can sign the documents and begin the transfer of funds!

How long do I have to repay a Hometap Investment?

The term of a Hometap Investment is 10 years. You can either sell your house during the term or you can buy back our Investment with savings, or by taking out a home equity (or other) loan. We call this Settling the Investment.


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