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Diversify your investment portfolio

Tap into your home’s equity to grow your wealth.

Many homeowners have the bulk of their wealth tied up in their home. However, allocating your equity toward a variety of assets, including real estate, creates a more well-rounded portfolio and can minimize risk during times of market volatility. Put your growing home equity to work for you and build your wealth without selling your home or creating debt.

Find out if a Hometap Investment can help you reach your portfolio diversification goals.

A home equity investment from Hometap can help you fund all kinds of investments:

  • Real estate

  • Stocks & bonds

  • Cash & cash equivalents

  • Alternative investments

It’s nice to have options. Hometap doesn’t lock you in; you can settle anytime, which I like.

Sacco N.

Goleta, CA

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Compare ways to diversify your portfolio with your home equity

Home Equity Investment
Home Equity Loan
No monthly payments
No payments for up to 10 years
No debt-to-income requirements
Fast funding

Resources for diversifying your investment portfolio

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