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Who we are

Hometap is a Boston-based fintech company that began in 2017 to make homeownership more accessible and less stressful. We’re here to help people get more out of homeownership so they can get more out of life.

We’re focused on the homeowner above all else. We’re real. We’re human. We’re clear. We’re good owners and neighbors.

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We give homeowners

To make smart choices for themselves and their families


To do things that might have otherwise been difficult without the ability to access their equity


Over their own lives and decisions

Our story

Today, far too many U.S. homeowners are “house-rich, cash-poor” — while their home is quite possibly their largest financial asset.

The only way they could previously tap into that equity was by selling their home or taking out a loan. So we introduced a new solution that doesn’t require them to do either.

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Our approach

Our home equity investments provide debt-free cash in exchange for a percentage of the home’s future value.

Homeowners can use the funds for whatever they’d like, from paying off debt to making much-needed renovations. All without added debt or monthly payments. Homeownership is stressful enough, so we’re all about making things as simple and straightforward as possible.

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We’re honored to be recognized

by a number of industry-leading organizations and publications.

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