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Invest in the future of home financing

We're not only revolutionizing the home financing industry for homeowners, but we are also giving investors the chance to participate in a brand new asset class.

It’s the best of both worlds: an opportunity to invest in the exciting, multi-trillion dollar real estate market, minus the challenges and hassles that come along with owning multiple properties.

Why invest in residential real estate?

  • Access to a Fast-Growing Asset Class

    An alternative asset class that provides exposure to the multi-trillion dollar real estate equity market

  • Portfolio Diversification

    A shield against market volatility with low correlation to public equities

  • Hedge Against Inflation

    A resilient asset class, offering portfolio protection amid economic uncertainty

  • Risk-Adjusted Returns

    A proven track record of delivering strong, stable returns

  • Impact Investing

    An investment vehicle that helps reduce household debt and improve the livelihood of communities

  • Geographic Diversification

    Portfolio of real estate investments across the U.S. that avoids overconcentration in any one market

Interested in learning more about investing with Hometap?

White paper

A Guide to HEI: The Untapped Real Estate Asset Class

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