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Invest in the future of residential real estate.

Hometap provides investors — from large asset managers, credit funds, and insurance companies to family offices and individuals — with diversified exposure to the multi-trillion dollar real estate market.


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The Hometap difference

Founded in 2017, Hometap lives our mission of making homeownership less stressful and more accessible.

That starts with our industry-leading home equity investment (HEI) platform —created to help homeowners access their equity and get more from life — and provide investors a proven, scalable way to reap the benefits of U.S. home price appreciation, without the costs, inefficiencies, and complexity that historically come along with large-scale residential real estate investing. It's a win-win.

Key Benefits

Top-tier team

  • Experienced finance professionals who understand the complexities of the market
  • High-touch, high-quality service throughout the life of the partnership

Mission-driven company

  • Homeowner-first mentality drives decision making
  • Designed to help homeowners achieve financial stability and reach their goals without the burden of monthly payments or debt

Proven track record

  • 5+ years delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns vs. comparable asset classes
  • 19% average historical IRR
  • 185-person, tech-enabled organization that supports best-in-class execution

Flexible investment options

  • Ability to support unique investor needs with solutions designed to meet complex requirements and targets
  • Range of investment vehicles, including asset funds, forward flows, separately managed accounts, and GP/LP funds.

Unique product structure

  • Downside protection, even during times of declining home values
  • Supported by a 2.4x Sharpe ratio

High-quality portfolio

  • A combination of data science, technology, and underwriting creates high quality assets
  • Rigorous and ongoing legal and compliance processes
We make commitments to our capital partners in the same way that we make commitments to our homeowners. We intend to deliver to our capital partners…in terms of not just volume of capital deployment, but performance of those assets over time.

Sarah Dekin

President and COO of Hometap

Access residential real estate at scale

By investing in Hometap HEIs, investors gain structured exposure to untapped home equity — valued in the trillions.

Who we partner with

Over the past 5+ years, leading investors from around the globe have partnered with Hometap to achieve their allocation goals.

  • Institutional equity investors
  • Institutional credit investors
  • Family offices
  • Lenders and financing partners
  • High net worth individuals

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