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A Guide to Home Equity Investments: The Untapped Real Estate Asset Class

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A Guide to Home Equity Investments: The Untapped Real Estate Asset Class

How HEIs present an innovative route to the residential real estate market

For investors, HEIs have created a groundbreaking way to participate in an emerging asset class that promises portfolio diversification, downside protection, and enhanced, risk-adjusted returns. For house-rich, cash-poor homeowners, traditional home financing and equity options are less than ideal, requiring them to take on debt. Home equity investments allow them to receive the cash they need to pay for life expenses, typically debt-free. It’s a win win.

In A Guide to Home Equity Investments, you’ll learn how HEIs:

  • Can provide investors with direct exposure to a multi-trillion-dollar pool of equity in a scalable manner
  • Help investors take advantage of near-term uncertainty in the housing market to create a positive, long-term investment opportunity
  • Support mission-driven businesses that help homeowners enhance their financial health and standing

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