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Fund an education

Use your home equity to pay off student loans or tuition.

Whether you’re paying off your student loan debt or looking for help paying college tuition or living expenses for your children while they’re in school, your home equity could be the solution you need. Pay for education costs with the student loan alternative that has no monthly payments.

Find out if a Hometap Investment can help you eliminate student loans and tuition debt.

Why homeowners like you choose home equity investments to fund education


Avg. ​​student loan debt per household


Growth in private tuition costs since 2020


Avg. cost of 4 years of public college

Compare ways to pay student loans and tuition

Home Equity Investment
Federal Student Loan
No monthly payments
No payments for up to 10 years
No prepayment penalties
No debt-to-income requirements
No specification on use of funds


College Financing Overview: Compare Average Tuition Costs and Loan Options

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