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Pay off your debts

Use your home equity to pay off debt without a loan.

You don’t need to sell the home you love in order to take advantage of your home equity. With a home equity investment, you can eliminate credit card debt and pay off medical bills, auto loans, lines of credit, and other loans without incurring any more debt, monthly payments, or interest.

Find out if a Hometap Investment can give you the financial freedom you’re seeking.

Pay off your debts

Why homeowners like you choose home equity investments to pay off debt

  • Debt-free solution

  • No negative impact to DTI

  • Strengthens financial standing

  • Simple, transparent process

  • 10 years to settle Investment

Brenda K.
My credit went from 640 to 779. I’m completely out of debt, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s something I’ve been working toward for a long time.

Brenda K.

Jacksonville, FL

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Unlock your home equity today

See how much you can access to pay down or eliminate debt.