Tap into your home’s equity

to put an end to debt-stress.

Relieve yourself from dreaded debt stress once and for all. More than 50% of all Hometap Investments go to homeowners looking to consolidate or pay down credit cards, student loans, or other financial burdens. That’s because with zero interest and no monthly payments, Hometap allows you to access your home equity—without taking on more debt.

Is a Hometap Investment a fit for your debt payoff strategy?

Get money from your home without selling it? It’s understandable that you’d have a lot of questions, and we want you to feel 100% confident you’re making a smart, informed decision.

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A Hometap Investment gave us a decent chunk of money without having to make monthly payments, enabling us to save more money in the future.

Samantha & Edward

I didn't want to increase my debt via a traditional HELOC. Hometap was the perfect solution.

John M.

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