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Finance a renovation

Tap into your home’s equity to fund your home renovations, big and small.
Whether it’s an emergency repair or a full home remodel, a Hometap Investment can help you access your home equity to fund home improvement projects in just a few weeks, without interest or monthly payments.
Find out if a Hometap Investment is a fitting way to handle your home renovation costs.

Compare your renovation financing options

Hometap logoHome equity loanHELOCCash-out refinanceReverse mortgage
Credit scoreTypically over 600 (min score of 500)Min score of 620Min score of 620Min score of 620No firm requirement
Average loan-to-valueMax LTV of 75%Max LTV of 80-85%Max LTV of 80-85%Max LTV of 80%Max LTV of 50%-65%
Average debt-to-incomeN/A43%43%50%N/A
Other restrictions (vary by lender)No prepayment penaltiesPrepayment penalties Minimum annual draw requirements, prepayment penalties + cancellation fees occur with some lendersPrepayment penalties + cancellation feesMust be 62+ years old, must own home outright or have single primary lien
This has been a godsend for our family. We are able to pay off all of our debt, plus do some much-needed upgrades to our home.
Jeremy R.

San Diego, CA

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Am I required to disclose the details of my renovation to Hometap?
Do you offer renovation adjustments?
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