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Which Appliances Are OK to Buy Used?

By Hometap
September 24, 2018

You need a new washing machine and you see a posting for a used one on an online community forum. It’s in your price range and the current owner says it works well. Should you buy it?

Or maybe you just started meal planning and could use a chest freezer for food storage. Does the freezer need to be new or would a used one suffice?

Regardless of which appliances you’re looking to buy, you may be wondering if a used version could be affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient. We checked with the experts to see which appliances are OK to buy used—and in which cases you should always get something new.

New vs. Used Appliances

  •  Appliances that “don’t often need maintenance” may be safe to buy used, says the team at Angie’s List in their “When to Buy Used Appliances” story. But if you’re in the market for built-in refrigerators and/or gas cooktops, go new.
  •  With a used appliance, you may be able to negotiate a good price —but then you may have to arrange your own delivery. Get a full list of “The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Appliances” over on Kitchn.
  •  In “Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Used Appliances,” blogger Laura Coppinger of Heavenly Homemakers shares her positive experience tracking down and buying a used washing machine.

Where to Buy Used Appliances

  •  How Stuff Works lists out “5 Appliances You Should Consider Buying Used” focusing mainly on how to research and where to buy used. (Insider tip: Floor models and scratch-and-dent deals can help you snag high-quality appliances at a steal!)
  •  Buying used appliances won’t just save you money—it keeps good appliances out of the landfill, too. The team at Remodelista shares eight reputable sources to find great used appliances.
  •  Kimberly Marney with The Penny Hoarder bought three used appliances for just $700. Read how she did it on “How to Buy Used Appliances: 3 Smart Strategies.”

Watch the Pros at Work

  •  Want to make sure that used appliance you’re considering is both reliable and a good deal? Check out the “Be Careful When Buying Used Appliances” segment from Milwaukee’s TMJ4 news station.
  •  Wondering whether to go new or used with your next washing machine? Before you decide, see what’s available (and which models are highly rated) with Consumer Reports’ “Washing Machine Buying Guide” video.
  •  From knowing the age to checking the seal, the “Guide to Buying Used Appliances: Refrigerator” video from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore home improvement outlet helps you determine the viability of any used refrigerator.

As you research potential new or used appliances, remember to take each offering on a case-by-case basis. A used dishwasher from a neighborhood appliance store could be as good as new while a Craigslist find may be a bit more questionable. Use your good judgment and ask the seller lots of questions to know for sure whether the used appliance is dependable or a lemon. Hopefully, you’ll find a quality appliance that will suit both your home and budget.

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