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Hometap Tip: Dust Your Ceiling Fan Blades

Charlie Vrettos

September 12, 2018

A clean ceiling fan means better air quality. There’s less dust buildup on furnishings, rugs, and carpet, which means fewer allergens in your home. With cleaner air, you’ll save $80 compared to running an air purifier nonstop throughout spring and summer.

What to Do

Dust off every blade on each of your ceiling fans.

What You’ll Need

The basics:

  • Step ladder
  • Pillowcase
  • Dryer sheets or static-dust cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dust-repellent spray

The works:

  • Extendable ceiling fan blade duster

How to Do It

With a ladder:

Set a ladder under your ceiling fan, and climb to a step where you’re not overextending your arms. (You don’t want to lose your balance!) Drape an old pillowcase over each blade, then pull the pillowcase across both the top and bottom to wipe it clean. The goal is to enclose all the dust inside the case, so you’re not sending dust across the room. If you don’t want to use a pillowcase, a static-capture cloth like a dryer sheet can also do the trick. To prevent future dust buildup, spray a clean rag with dust repellent and wipe both surfaces of each ceiling fan blade.

Without a ladder:

Use an extendable fan blade duster (available at most home improvement stores) to clean each blade of your ceiling fan. Position the duster so it can dust both sides of the ceiling fan blade at the same time. Dust each blade in succession until all are clean.

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