It’s a homeowner’s dream: You purchased your home and its overall value is hockey sticking. For Greater Boston residents who’ve owned their home for around 7.5 years, there’s no hyperbole since during that time home values have increased 28%.

But like all homeowners, you must continuously maintain your property. Many are wondering if the upside of a high home value is worth the stressful downside of keeping up the interior and exterior. Read on for guidance on how to approach the decision to stay put or sell.

The Onus of Homeownership

Whether you’re a first-time owner or in your second or third home, the responsibilities of homeownership are perennial. From small, everyday fixes to annual maintenance or surprise repairs, a home is a living thing that needs regular care and attention.

According to a recent Hometap survey, home maintenance and upkeep costs are the biggest source of stress for Greater Boston residents. Nearly three-quarters of those polled identified the tasks surrounding upkeep—landscaping, cleaning, routine home repairs, leaf and snow removal—as nerve-wracking while 63% are worried by the costs associated with maintenance tasks.

How to Get Ahead in Homeownership

The good news for Greater Boston owners is you’re likely sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. And the cherry on top is that no slowdown in home values is anticipated in the future. (That might be cold comfort for some faced with major repairs or renovations on the horizon.)

Before you put up the “for sale” sign, consider all your options.

1. Plan Ahead

Do you have a plan of attack for regular maintenance and a smart savings plan? If not, see our expert tips on how to get one started today. It’s easier than you might think.

2. Cut Costs on Your Renovation

The kitchen or bathroom remodel is unavoidable. But cutting costs before and even during your project is doable—without cutting corners. Check out our 10 not-so-secret ways to reduce your renovation expenses.

3. Tap Into Your Home’s Equity

Some homeowners rely on smart solutions like a Hometap Investment to “cash in” on their home’s value. With no monthly payments or interest, Hometap offers homeowners a way to fund the present without risking their future. Learn more about Hometap.

How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?

For many Americans, their home is the biggest purchase they’ll make in their lives. Staying in—or selling—your home is a personal decision with emotional and financial consequences. If you love your neighborhood, your community, and the commute to work, staying put might have more value than you realized. An upswing in your home value is an added perk, too. With a small-step, reduced-stressed approach to upkeep and smart financing, you can stay in your home as long as you choose.

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