You shouldn’t have to choose between a house and a life.
Jeff Glass
CEO, Hometap

Our story

It all started when our CEO, Jeff, was seeking money for one of his businesses…no, wait. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s try again:

It all started when a kid named Jeff was growing up in Brooklyn in a two-bedroom apartment with his family. Even though it was a small apartment, things were good. But it seemed to him that a lot of his friends who had houses to live in also had parents who were worried about money a lot.

That “house-rich, cash-poor” realization stuck with him for a long time. Longer than he’d care to admit. Flash forward several decades to when one of our co-founders Max Campion approached Jeff with an insight that many young up-and-coming Americans with stable incomes were suffering from the same challenges that Jeff’s family witnessed back years ago.

As a longtime serial entrepreneur, Jeff often was looking for investors for one of his companies. Investors give money to guys like him in exchange for a little bit of ownership. This is money they hope will grow, but it’s also possible that the company tanks and they lose it.

Meanwhile, homeowners — who actually have a physical, tangible asset — need to borrow money for things they want to do in life. And that brings more debt burden, worry, and stress, so the American Dream can sometimes become more like an American Nightmare.

It didn’t make sense to them: why can’t someone treat homeowners like the CEOs of their own families, and invest in that home’s future value? That got them thinking that maybe they and some other smart, caring people (many of whom are homeowners themselves) should start a company to do just that.

So we did. We call it Hometap.

About our team

We’re led by a team known for creating successful, customer-first businesses. Backed by top-tier investors, we’ve built and run some of the fastest-growing companies in the US.


Who we are


55% of us own our homes

…and we can relate to the challenges and rewards of homeownership. It’s what drives our passion for the Hometap mission — helping people love their homes more and stress about them less.


Off the clock, we’re all about food and family

When we’re not in our home offices, you can find most of us making memories in the kitchen and family room.


Financial #goals

We believe homeowners should have a house and a life. This is how Hometappers would put their home equity to work for them, in order of importance:

  • Buy a vacation home
  • Invest
  • Eliminate debt
  • Renovate
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Kasey Looney Silva enjoying time with their family

Kasey Looney Silva

Senior Manager, Investment Operations

Kasey leads Hometap's talented team of application specialists, making the investment process as smooth and simple as possible for homeowners. Off hours, you can find her soaking up the sun in the Cape, scoping out the best Boston parks with her dog, Henry, and defending her title as World's Best Aunt.

George Marangoly enjoying time with their family

George Marangoly

Sales Manager

George is perhaps one of Hometap's most well-versed home value experts. Before he was guiding homeowners through the home equity investment process, he was guiding homeowners through the buying and selling process as a realtor. When he's not talking home equity, he's likely at home playing with his three children, and squeezing in a run when he can.

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