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  • Elizabeth B.
    I was able to not only pay off my remaining debt faster, but I was also able to put more money into my savings.

    Elizabeth B.

Inglewood, CA

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  • Nana A.

    I think Hometap is a great resource for homeowners that are looking to pay off some debt, build their credit up, build their business, or build a real estate portfolio like myself.

    Nana A.

    Worcester, MA

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  • Brenda K.

    My credit went from 640 to 779. I’m completely out of debt, it’s an amazing feeling.

    Brenda K.

    Jacksonville, FL

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  • Sacco N.

    It’s nice to have options. Hometap doesn’t lock you in; you can settle anytime, which I like.

    Sacco N.

    Goleta, CA

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