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[My Investment Manager] understood some complicated situations that I had. It was like a friend helping.

Karen Paid Off Her Medical Bills with a Home Equity Investment

Karen and her sister were looking for a way to split their inheritance after their father passed away and left them with a home.

The sisters decided that a home equity investment from Hometap would allow one of them to keep the home and provide the other with her share of the funds.

But before Karen completed her application process, her family would face another misfortune. She was diagnosed with cancer, and quickly found herself out of work, with countless operations ahead of her.

After more than a dozen procedures, Karen was overburdened with medical bills, plus all of the everyday bills that had been piling up at home while she was in treatment. What she was collecting from her disability insurance wasn’t enough to get out from under the debt that had amassed.

Her Hometap Application had been put on pause, but she picked back up where she left off and received her funding in just a few weeks.

“[My Investment Manager] understood some complicated situations that I had, and treated them as such that he understood and didn’t judge,” said Karen. “And it was like a friend helping.”

The money from her home equity investment allowed her to remove a line of credit from her home, pay down credit card debts, and put a dent in her medical bills.

“The funds that I received from the equity of my house have changed and improved my life such that I can now just worry about getting healthy and better from cancer and all the surgeries that I’ve had. They’ve given me my life back.”

Find out in just minutes if you could fund your home repairs and renovations with a home equity investment from Hometap.

*Disclaimer: This homeowner was compensated for providing Hometap with an interview about her Investment experience.