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Why Values-Driven Leadership Matters with Hometap's Jeff Glass

February 1, 2024

Unusual Ventures

While Jeff’s accomplishments and awards are too numerous to list, here’s a summary: a serial entrepreneur, Jeff is currently the co-founder and CEO of Hometap, which was recently recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies. Before founding Hometap, Jeff was a managing director at Bain Capital, and has built several successful companies since the age of 22.

‍Hometap helps American homeowners by providing an innovative, debt-free way to access their home equity. Jeff has received numerous accolades for his current leadership and the culture at Hometap. E&Y has selected Jeff as CEO of the year twice.

‍On a personal level, Jeff is full of wisdom, perspective, and good humor (most of the time!). We touched on several topics during our conversation, including Jeff’s leadership experience, and how a founder/CEO needs to think about their on-going role. We also explored our shared views on accountability and what motivates Jeff to keep building companies.

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