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Top Small and Midsize Companies with Excellent Company Cultures

December 13, 2021

Business Insider

Current employees and unemployed workers are taking notice of just what it’s like to work at a company.

Employees are quitting jobs they aren’t passionate about or where the benefits aren’t up to par. The new list from Comparably can be a resource for those looking to figure out just where the companies with top company culture are before they move on to their next job.

Comparably, a workplace culture and company review site, just put out the first list of the last quarter of the year, giving companies and employees a sense of top-rated companies before the popular job hunting season at the beginning of a year.

To find the small and midsize companies — companies with no more than 500 employees — with the best company culture, Comparably collected responses from its site over 12 months starting with November 26, 2020.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider. Read the full article here.