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Homeowners struggling amid COVID-19 have these options for quick cash

March 20, 2020


With reports that as much as 20% of the country could be unemployed due to coronavirus-related setbacks, it appears many Americans may have cash flow struggles in their futures. Fortunately, homeowners are in a unique place to overcome these challenges. For one, some states (and banks) have allowed qualifying homeowners a temporary stay on mortgage payments, putting thousands back in their pockets over the next few months.

Additionally, foreclosures have been paused for at least 60 days on Fannie Mae-, Freddie Mac- and FHA-backed loans. Home equity loans, HELOCs and refinancing can also help create additional cash flow for homeowners, and with the market’s historically low rates, they could help lower mortgage payments as well.

This article originally appeared on Forbes. Read the full article.