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Saying Hi to HEI: Our Q&A With Structured Credit Investor

October 9, 2023


Hometap's Head of Structured Finance Cara Newman recently chatted with Claudia Lewis and Structured Credit Investor, looking at the emergence of HEIs in the capital markets.

In her profile, Cara discusses the potential for new investor audiences to engage with rated instruments, her decision to join Hometap earlier this year, as well as advocacy priorities like the critical role of technology in home finance, and impetus for mentorship for women coming up in structured finance.

"We take tremendous pride in the way we are able to engage with homeowners, and are deeply committed to expanding access to our financing. We see that mission through as we attract asset capital, and with the knowledge, tools, and experiences we're building to enable homeowners, too. I’m lucky in that all of this enterprise effort and quality shows through in the assets we can take to market, and our strategy for the platform is for it to be a sustainable, durable, and long-term business. This isn't just an attractive model to capitalize on today’s market conditions, but very much our passion — and we build it that way," she says.

Read the entire interview here.