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Shared Home-Equity Agreement: How Homeowners Can Now Conveniently Unlock Value From Their Homes

October 8, 2021

International Banker

For many of us, the largest single component of our accumulated wealth is represented by the value of our home.

And yet, until very recently, we have been unable to access that wealth, which in many cases can be substantial. This has rendered a number of homeowners in a permanent financial state known commonly as “house-rich, cash-poor,” such that their wealth is tied up in the values of their homes, and they have access to limited liquidity.

“A lot of people are house-rich but cash-poor,” Ivy Zelman, chief executive of real-estate consultant Zelman & Associates, told the Wall Street Journal in September 2020. “If they bought in the last two or three years, even if they bought five months ago, they have equity.”

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