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HousingWire Highlights a Pivotal Moment for HEIs

April 9, 2024


Hometap CEO and Cofounder Jeff Glass authored an article for HousingWire on the inflection point home equity investments are experiencing.

Homeownership is a bedrock for the American Dream, in no small part because it is also a durable, reliable long-term investment. The time-tested resiliency of home values highlights home equity’s importance to American households and its significance for residential real estate investors alike.

Yet, this type of wealth — often an individual’s largest single asset — too frequently remains illiquid. Homeowners are more “house-rich, cash-poor” than ever, with increasingly valuable homes, but less real income and higher borrowing costs to handle the challenges and opportunities of life.

In today’s environment, homeowners are looking for new answers — and financing platforms — to solve that puzzle. Alternatives to conventional financing are in demand, and in parallel, emerging players have created avenues for capital to join an efficient, rapidly-emerging, and fintech-driven asset class.

This article originally appeared on HousingWire. See the full article here.