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Lendit Fintech Podcast: Fintech one-on-one with Ken Rees

April 2, 2021

Lendit Fintech

The underserved are having a moment.

And it is about time. There are more fintech companies targeting the non-prime community than ever before with better and less expensive products. The revolution in technology and data access is enabling fintech companies to go deeper into the underserved population than ever before.

Our next guest on the Fintech One•On•One podcast is Ken Rees, the co-founder and CEO of Covered Care, a patient financing provider for the non-prime. Ken has spent the past two decades focused on this population and he has gathered his thoughts in the new book, Teetering. His insights paint a clear picture of the challenges of those living paycheck to paycheck and what we can do about it. Ken was last on the show back in 2017 when we was CEO of Elevate.

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