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How These Companies Retain Their Employees So Effectively

September 21, 2022


In the swiftly tilting world of modern employment, the secret to successful retention is more valuable than ever. Here’s how a few companies have managed to do particularly well in terms of keeping their employees happily on-board.

What do you think was the root cause of The Great Resignation?

The decision to leave a career or a company is a deeply personal one, so it’s difficult to point to a single root cause. Employees across industries have shared how the pandemic has impacted their views of work-life balance, commuting, and finding fulfilling work. The economic impact of the pandemic and other events on demand, pay, staffing and other factors has also clearly weighed on employees to varying degrees.

How did you manage to retain employees during such a historic moment of people leaving their jobs for hopefully greener pastures?

We can attribute our retention to a few different factors. For starters, we’re extremely fortunate to be in an industry that wasn’t impacted in the way that others — like travel, food, and healthcare — were during the pandemic, so we didn’t experience the financial strain that so many companies faced. That has allowed us to remain focused on the things that make our employees happy and fulfilled: benefits, competitive salaries, opportunities for growth, and thoughtful policies around remote and hybrid work environments, to name a few.

This article originally appeared on Comparably. Read the article here.