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Home Equity Investment Companies: A New Way to Raise Cash

June 20, 2023

The Stock Watcher

Home equity investments are becoming more popular as homeowners seek ways to raise cash without refinancing cheap mortgages or selling their homes.

These investments are particularly attractive to homeowners who have significant equity but are unable to access it through traditional lending channels. Home equity investment companies offer an innovative solution to this problem, giving homeowners an opportunity to unlock the value of their homes without taking on additional debt.

A slate of new companies backed by institutional investors is offering ways for owners to tap home equity. These companies, such as Unison, Point, and Hometap, offer homeowners an alternative to traditional lending channels. They allow homeowners to cash out some of their equity in exchange for an ownership stake in their home. These companies are attracting interest from investors who see the potential for growth in the home equity investment market.

This article originally appeared on The Stock Watcher. Read the full article here.