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Hometap home

Amid housing boom, Hometap raises $12M to buy a piece of your home

May 24, 2018


Jeff Glass is back in the CEO chair at a startup, and this time he’s venturing into one of the oldest and, at the moment, hottest industries: real estate. Glass is an entrepreneur and investor who is well-known in Boston tech circles for leading m-Qube, the mobile content-delivery company bought by VeriSign in 2006, and Skyhook Wireless, the mobile-tech company sold in 2014 to Liberty Media subsidiary TruePosition. In between those two gigs, Glass spent six years as a managing director at Bain Capital Ventures. Now, he’s chief executive of Hometap, a young company that plans to buy minority stakes in people’s homes, kind of like a venture capitalist investing in a startup. This article originally appeared on Xconomy. Read the full article.