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CAIA Highlights How HEIs Offer Powerful US Residential Exposure to Alternative Investors

September 5, 2023


Hometap CEO and Cofounder Jeff Glass recently shared insight on home equity investment's compelling role in real estate portfolios, authoring an article on the asset class for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association's Portfolio for the Future blog.

In the article for CAIA, Jeff lays out a vision for HEI allocation as a source of diversification, scalability, and direct homeowner impact for alts investors eyeing differentiated exposure to US residential.

"HEI funds represent an innovative alternative investing opportunity for credit-oriented investors seeking a capital-efficient, scalable route to the multi-trillion-dollar pool of untapped home equity," Jeff writes. "Among many investor benefits, structured HEI vehicles have a track record of enhanced risk-adjusted returns with meaningful downside protection. Investing in HEI funds also presents an opportunity to support mission-driven businesses that help average American homeowners strengthen their financial position and improve their livelihoods."

Read the full piece from Jeff here.