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As Alt. Equity Provider Expands, Seniors and Reverse Mortgages Remain Important Factors

May 14, 2022

Reverse Mortgage Daily

Shared equity investment provider Hometap is expanding into new states but sees significant partnership potential with reverse mortgage companies and individuals

Shared home equity investment provider Hometap recently announced an expansion into three additional states — South Carolina, Utah and Nevada — bringing its total footprint to 18 states. These already include high home-value markets including California, New York, Florida and Virginia. In the past, Hometap leaders have described the company’s posture as “complementary” to the reverse mortgage industry as opposed to competitive.

To get a better idea of the continued posture as well as the importance of the senior demographic to its operations, RMD sat down with Hometap CEO Jeffrey Glass to discuss these and other issues related to the company’s expansion.

This article originally appeared on Reverse Mortgage Daily. Read the full article here.