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11 Boston Women Share Advice for Advancing in Leadership

November 17, 2022

Built In Boston

At Hometap, a fintech company that provides loan alternatives for homeowners, Quality Assurance Manager Jillian Cahill had the exciting and challenging opportunity to build her department from the ground up. Cahill credits learning from managers and mentors, fostering curiosity and reflecting on professional interactions as key contributors to her career success.

What should individual contributors do during their careers to prepare for management roles?

I have three pieces of advice I like to share with people who are aspiring to become managers. First, it’s important to learn how your managers and mentors communicate and inspire those around them so you can do the same. Second, being a curious lifelong learner is paramount to your own happiness and success in your career.

Finally, analyze the situations you’re in to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and take stock of how people interact with each other to collaborate, agree, disagree and make important decisions.

This article originally appeared on Built in Boston. Read it here.