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10 Companies Solving Fascinating Engineering Challenges

June 23, 2021


Engineers are a rare breed.

It’s not just the paycheck or the benefits that inspire their finest work, but the actual challenges they’re offered to solve. Engineering talent has never been more valuable than it is today, so here are ten companies that are currently offering engineers the kind of big, meaty problems the best of them were born to take on.

What are the engineering challenges Hometap is working on?

While working to introduce unique investment products, our engineering team must completely rethink the myriad traditional financial procedures and requirements — as well as the technology used to deliver them. We need to innovate in the areas of flexible process management, real-time contextual data harvesting, creative integrations with third-party CRMs, novel client assessment, procedural optimizations, automated partner relationships, and customer acquisition. Our technology is key to supporting nearly every phase of the cross-functional growth we’ll require to succeed.

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