Homeowner Stories

Pay off Debt

San Diego, California

Working in the housing market during the 2008 crash, Dave W. saw a significant slowdown in his employment, forcing him to take on business loans and credit card debt to fund life.
Pay off Debt

Falmouth, Massachusetts

When he lost a sizeable monthly income, Gerry M. was looking for ways to pay down his credit card debt. But with high debt-to-credit and debt-to-income ratios, he didn’t qualify for a HELOC.
Fund an Education, Accelerate Business Growth

Los Altos, California

With a child headed to college and a family business he wanted to invest in, John M. wanted a way to tap into his home’s equity without taking on additional debt.
Pay off Debt

Huntersville, North Carolina

When Marian’s fiance Jerry underwent extensive back surgery, both of their lives came to a halt. With Jerry out of work for the foreseeable future, their combined income had taken a hit.
Michael M.
Accelerate Business Growth

Needham, Massachusetts

When Michael was given the opportunity to expand his business, he discovered HELOCs, refinances and loans weren't suitable options.
Accelerate Business Growth

Riverside, California

As new parents running a seasonal business, California homeowners Samantha and Edward were looking into traditional loans to offset slower months.
Live Comfortably in Retirement

Fairfield, California

Saddled with thousands of dollars in unexpected medical bills and credit card debt, Susan W. wasn't having a great start to retirement.
Pay off Debt

Monroe, North Carolina

During the 2008 recession, Butch and his wife were hit hard. Once they were out of work for over a year, the couple started using credit cards to fund day-to-day necessities, such as groceries, electricity, and other bills. However, they knew it wasn’t a sustainable financial strategy.