The Basics

So what exactly does Hometap do?
What's the difference between Hometap and a loan?
Who can use Hometap?
What is the process for getting a Hometap Investment?
How long do I have to settle a Hometap Investment?
In what states is a Hometap Investment available?
If I don’t have to guarantee Hometap payments, how does Hometap make money?
How quickly can Hometap make an Investment?
When am I expected to pay fees and when do I receive my Investment?
In what situations would Hometap not be the right option?
What are the fees associated with closing an investment?
I live in a flood zone. Can Hometap still make an Investment in my home?

After the Investment

Will Hometap have a say in what I do with the house after the Investment?
Will Hometap be responsible for any expenses like taxes or insurance or if an act-of-God-tree falls on my house?
What are my obligations if I take an investment?
What if I want to renovate or paint the house purple? Do I have to tell Hometap?
Do you offer renovation adjustments?
After an Investment, does Hometap conduct random inspections?
If I want to take out more equity from my home after my first Investment, is that a possibility?

Settling the Investment

What if I want to sell my house before the effective period is up?
What happens if I don’t sell the home by the end of the effective period and want to keep it or pass it on to my kids? What do I owe Hometap?
What happens if the value of my home goes down?
What happens if my house burns down?
Are you involved in the process when I’m ready to sell my home?
What happens to the Investment if I pass away?
My experience with Hometap was very positive from start to finish. After exploring two other equity sharing companies, Hometap provided me with the best answer to my financial needs.
Anita N.

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