Twinkling canopy lights on a back patio. Luminary-style sconces along a walkway to the front door. Driveway security lights that illuminate with a motion detector. Landscape lighting adds both style and substance to your home: It’s curb appeal and practical function all in one upgrade. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite landscape lighting tips and ideas. Which will you add to your property this summer?

First Things First: Choose Your Landscape Lighting and Installation Method

  •  Get inspired with an outdoor lighting photo gallery from Home Stratosphere showcasing 15 lighting ideas, including lighting the porch, garage, front walkway, and more.
  •  Should you go with a DIY landscape lighting kit or hire a professional to install your outdoor lighting? HGTV goes over the types of landscape lighting to consider and their respective maintenance as well as common landscape lighting mistakes homeowners can avoid.
  •  This Old House scopes out everything homeowners may be wondering about landscape lighting—from lighting fixtures to garden placement, DIY and professional costs to landscape design considerations.

Landscape Lighting for DIY Homeowners

  •  If you’re new to outdoor lighting and home improvement projects, don’t sweat it. Family Handyman has step-by-step DIY outdoor lighting tips for beginners.
  •  Popular Mechanics shows homeowners how to put in low-voltage landscape lighting yourself, covering key components and installation recommendations for a variety of yard placements.
  •  Lowe’s for Pros goes over how contractors approach the process of installing low-voltage landscape lighting, including mapping out a scheme, determining the number of fixtures needed, and measuring wire.

Watch the Pros at Work

  •  Overwhelmed by all the different landscape lighting options? RunmanReCords Design has a video gallery of 40- plus landscape lighting ideas to help you focus (pun fully intended).
  •  The Lighting Doctor, a Calgary-based lighting expert and contractor, walks homeowners through the DIY landscape lighting installation process. DIY enthusiast Jeff Patterson from The Home Repair Tutor shows fellow homeowners how to install low-voltage landscape lighting using a home’s front steps as an example.
  •  Whether you’re going with simple patio lighting or a professionally designed, full-yard lighting project, your landscape lighting should work toward making your home more attractive and secure. Shine on!

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