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Get Your Home and Lawn Ready for Summer Gatherings

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picture of author, Hometap TeamBy Hometap Team on July 26, 2018

The best part of having a backyard? In our opinion, it’s getting the chance to host summer barbecues, pool parties, and other relaxed outdoor gatherings with friends and family. We’ve rounded up our favorite tips for prepping your home, lawn, deck, and patio for a festive backyard get-together. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned expert, take inspiration from these home and garden experts.

First Things First: Tidy Up!

  • The DIY Network offers handy tips for summer yard maintenance, from trimming shrubbery to clearing vines.
  • This Old House has step-by-step suggestions to get your outdoor space ready for party guests, including how to clean your grill, fix scruffy lawns, and polish your walkways.
  • Reader’s Digest walks you through how to properly wash your lawn and patio furniture, so your guests will have dirt- and dust-free places to sit.

Make Arrangements—and Pay Attention to Detail

  • From making sure you have enough seating to managing extension cords, Real Simple’s “16 Tips for an Effortless Outdoor Party” serve as a great pre-party checklist.
  • Food preparation may be the most important detail of all. Ensure you’re using your grill properly (and making food that’s sufficiently cooked) with summer barbecue safety tips from the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod.
  • If you’re on a tight budget but still want to have people over this summer, check out blogger Ruth Soukup’s budget-friendly “Host the Best Backyard Parties” guide on Living Well Spending Less.

Watch the Pros at Work…

  • If your backyard could benefit from a refresh before it’s ready for the season, House & Home’s video on putting together a perfect outdoor space helps you prep your yard for events and everyday use.
  • Is your grill cleaned up and ready for your barbecue? Home Depot’s video walks you through how to clean a gas grill from start to finish.
  • Finally, check out the “Two Must-Haves for Any Outdoor Get-Together” video from Better Homes & Gardens. (Spoiler alert: It’s good lighting and creating a moveable feast.)

Here’s to safe and fun outdoor parties this summer! Be sure to check out our weekly Hometap Tip to prep your patio for outdoor entertaining. And, save a burger and beer for us, will ya?

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