Hometap For Retirement I The Reverse Mortgage Alternative

Jen, John, Sue from United States

It’s no secret - retirement is expensive. And, with healthcare premiums only continuing to rise, you can never be overly-prepared financially.

1 in 5 Hometap Estimates are sent to American homeowners looking to fund their retirement, enabling them to have extra funds available while being able to stay put in their homes just a little bit longer.

For some homeowners, taking a Hometap Investment proved to be a smart way to tap into their home’s equity to fund retirement and extend their time in the homes they love - without taking on additional monthly payments or interest.


“Sue and John” had been taking out HELOCs for the past 30 years. Well into their retirement, rising taxes, medicare, and interest rates had them looking into reverse mortgages for additional funds. But, with their home having been in the family for more than 100 years, the idea of not knowing how much they’d end up owning if they took out a reverse mortgage didn’t sit well.

The funds from a Hometap Investment offered a great alternative to a reverse mortgage, enabling the couple to stay in the home they love for a few more years, until they decide to sell the house to their children.


When her father passed away last year, “Jen” worried about her mother’s financial future. Although her parents’ mortgage was paid off, her mother was retired and now on her own to pay bills like medicare, property taxes, and home maintenance costs (which add up fast!).

After hearing about home equity investments, Jen did her research and came across Hometap. In less than 15 minutes, she was able to help her mother fill out an Inquiry and get the family home pre-approved for a Hometap Investment.

The funds from a Hometap Investment enabled Jen’s mother to keep the family home in the family, while having access to extra funds to supplement her savings.

Jen, John, and Sue are not real, but represent homeowners that have taken a Hometap Investment for similar situations as a way to show you all of the ways you can use the capital from a Hometap Investment - the choice is yours!

Hometap Team — Dan Amato

Dan Amato supports homeowners like Jen, John, Sue every day and is ready to answer all of your questions.

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