Meet Bryan Barry

Our Investment Managers are experts in helping you tap into your home equity, but you may have more in common with them than you think. Learn a little more about your Investment Manager, their life outside of Hometap, and why they love working with homeowners like you.


What’s the best part of your job? How does being an Investment Manager at Hometap differ from your past work experiences? 

The best part of the job is helping homeowners from all walks of life. This is different from other experiences because you get to hear a new story every day, and that’s what makes it fun! At Hometap, we want to learn about your situation so we can help you!

Is there a particular homeowner story that really made an impact on you? What is it and why?

I had a homeowner who wanted to add a pool for their family with three kids for the past two years. They were unable to get approved for personal loan or home improvement loan because of their credit. With Hometap, from our first call together to funding, it only took three weeks! And they even had money left over to pay down some student loans. The homeowner told me that they broke down crying once the funds hit their account, because they knew how happy their family would be. The experience made me realize that we aren’t just impacting individual homeowners, but potentially someone’s whole family!

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working?

I love to write, travel, golf, bike, and relax!

Describe your dream home.

A remote ranch in the Midwest by a river, so I can fly fish and hike every day!

What’s one thing you wish people knew about Hometap? 

That we are 100% in the business of helping people!