Tap into your home’s equity

to renovate your kitchen.

Day-dreaming of a brand new kitchen or home addition? FInd out if using a Hometap Investment to pay off debt might be a fit for you!

Who uses Hometap?

Homeowners like you have found Hometap to be smart way to have the home they want and a life. When it comes to deciding how they’ll use the funds from a Hometap Investment:

  • 29% of homeowners plan to use their Hometap Investment funds renovate and improve their current home
  • 50% of homeowners agree - they don’t want to take out a HELOC or Home Equity Loan because they don’t want any more debt
  • 34% of homeowners would prefer a Home Equity Investment instead of a traditional loan to keep monthly payments as low as possible, and eliminate the stress of paying back debt and interest on a loan.