Tap into your home's equity

to fund your financial freedom

Take care of today's needs — today — without taking on additional debt.


What is a Hometap Investment?

Homeowners no longer have to settle for the one-sided choice of more debt and less savings. We've teamed up with Own Up to give their customers another option.

Hometap is like a home equity time machine, enabling homeowners to be paid today for the equity they’ve accumulated in their property - with no loans, interest, or monthly payments required.

We invest alongside homeowners, providing cash today and participating in the proceeds at the time of sale. Use the money to help pay off debt, build your dream kitchen, fund your kid's college tuition...it's up to you.


“I have a lot of equity built up in my home, but the refinancing rates are outrageous right now. Hometap provided the cash I need now to make some much needed home repairs."

                - Rosa M., Los Angelos, California