Tap into your home's equity

to fund...life.

Homeowners across America are using the capital from their Hometap Investments to fund all kinds of things.

A Hometap investment provides you cash today in exchange for a share of the future value of your home. That's it. Use the money to pay off loans, start that renovation project, invest in your small business, pay for education...it's up to you.

Homeowners across America are using the capital from their Hometap Investments to fund all of these things and more. Check out a few of their stories:


Homeowners Samantha and Edward plan to use the capital from their Hometap Investment to pay down debt. With increased flexibility from their improved cash flow, they’ll leverage their anticipated improved credit score to refinance existing loans for smaller monthly payments or better interest rates.

"Hometap will help us make money."— Samantha + Edward, Riverside, California


Even with a background in financial services, home equity sharing was a new concept to John. After hearing from another company and then doing his research, he chose Hometap to access the wealth built up in his home to make progress toward his goals - without any monthly payments.

"I'm launching a new company and didn't want to increase our debt via a traditional HELOC, especially given that I would be going without income until the company was off the ground. Hometap was the perfect solution!"— John M., Los Altos, California


Rosa was looking at refinancing options to tap into her home’s equity, but was turned off by the the high rates provided by lenders.

"I have a lot of equity built up in my home, but the refinancing rates are outrageous right now. [Hometap] provided the cash I need now to make some much needed home repairs."— Rosa M., Los Angeles, California


Rancho Murieta homeowner Jeanie found taking a Hometap Investment to be a smart way to keep the home in her family, while using the funds to pay for the costs and fees that come with a divorce.

"[The Hometap Team] was amazing and always in contact with us. They made the entire process so easy!"— Jeanie L., Rancho Murieta, California


It’s no secret: retirement is expensive. Homeowner Elliott C. knows the importance of being proactive with retirement plans.

"I plan to pay down a home equity loan and pay an offset on my retirement."— Elliott C., San Jose, California