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Good vs. Bad Debt guide

Good vs. Bad Debt

Did you know you can leverage your good debts to pay off the bad debts faster?

Cover of Home Appraisals Guide

Homeowner's Guide to Home Value

Understand home appraisals, AVMs, and what impacts your home's value.

Home Equity Investment Guide

Home Equity Investments 101

Your guide to home equity investments and how shared appreciation works.

Equity Increaser Guide

Equity Increaser Guide

Your month-by-month guide to preserving and increasing the value of your home.

Tapping Into Equity

Options for Tapping into Your Home's Equity

There are lots of ways to tap into the equity in your home. Read this guide to learn how these options compare.

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Butch F.
Monroe, NC

Our home’s value has already increased, and the projects are paid off in full. It was a pleasure to talk with someone who was actually interested in helping us and who understood our goals.
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Dave W.
San Diego, CA

Hometap delivered upon everything they said they would. There were no surprises, which is very refreshing for the [home finance] industry.
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