By keeping your yard tidy, pruning maintains your home’s curb appeal. It stops plant growth near your foundation and roof, warding off pricey repairs (up to $4,000) down the line. Pruning also discourages vermin from building nests in your shrubbery. Prune regularly in summer and fall to keep your yard and home spic, span, and safe.

What to Do

Wondering how to trim those overgrown hedges? We’ll show you how to prune all hedges and shrubs in and around your yard to maintain curb appeal and avoid repairs.

What You’ll Need

The Basics

  •  Pruning shears
  •  Loppers
  •  Eye protection
  •  Work gloves
  •  Heavy-duty trash bags

For Big Jobs

  •  Pruning saws
  •  Hedge shears
  •  Pole pruners

How to Do It

Cut back areas where your hedges are overgrown, unshapely, or extending onto your neighbor’s property. Clear areas where greenery is encroaching on your home’s foundation and/or roof as well as near sidewalks or your driveway. You can plan on pruning yourself or hiring a landscaper. If you go the DIY route, work in the morning or evening to avoid summer sun and midday heat.

If you prefer to watch a short how-to video to get you started, check out this great tutorial from Angie’s List

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