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How to Make Time for Your Home When Your Schedule is Packed

By Hometap
September 12, 2018

Every August and September, most American families feel a time crunch as back-to-school season gets under way. But even as your family calendar gets jammed with school appointments, extracurricular activities, and professional commitments, that doesn’t mean your home’s basic upkeep and maintenance should get overlooked. With a proactive approach—and commitment from the whole family—you can stay on top of your home despite a busy schedule.

Check out these tips from home and family experts and let us know on Facebook which methods work for you!

Update the Family’s Routine

  •  Over on Redbook, organizing pro Julie Morgenstern focuses on mapping out mornings, involving the kids, and eliminating unnecessary tasks to help parents manage their time during the busy back-to-school season.
  •  Overwhelmed by house chores piling up? The team at verywellfamily shows you how to create a cleaning routine to fit your busy schedule.
  •  If you’re struggling with prioritizing your home organization and cleaning tasks, the experts at Home Storage Solutions walk you through how to keep and maintain a cleaning plan (with personalized checklists) for everyone in the family.

Involve the Kids

  •  Do your kids pitch a fit every time you ask them to help around the house? Childcare provider Bright Horizons offers age-appropriate solutions to get kids involved and take pride in the family home.
  •  Speaking of kids and chores, motivation is half the battle. Parents magazine lists 11 ways to get kids excited about helping out, including allowing autonomy, communicating a chore’s greater purpose, and working as a team.
  •  Child development experts know that household chores can impart life skills, foster responsibility, and boost your child’s confidence. The Richmond Times-Dispatch outlines the benefits of making each family member an active participant in your home’s maintenance.

Watch the Pros at Work

  •  Cassandra Aarssen, who blogs as Clutterbug, put together a video with her tried-and-true “5 Tips to Get Kids to Clean Up,” including having the right kid-friendly tools and turning cleaning into a game.
  •  Feeling especially pinched for time? The team at 5-Minute Crafts has a video covering “20 Ways to Clean Your House in Just a Few Minutes.” Quick DIY solutions cover unclogging low-flow showerheads, removing mineral deposits from your kitchen sink, and using WD-40 for a variety of household fix-it tasks.
  •  “Supernanny” Jo Frost shares her tips on “How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores” in this clip from “Bethenny.”

Give your home equal priority as school, work, and extracurriculars during this back-to-school season—and share the responsibilities among the whole family. An all-hands-on-deck approach will protect and preserve your home, despite more demands on your time.

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