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Employee Spotlights: Introducing the Brains Behind Hometap

By Hometap
March 19, 2020

When Hometap launched, the financial technology company with big ambitions was made up of just four people with a powerful vision to ease the accessibility of homeownership across the country. As the business picked up speed, the team grew with it, without losing sight of that vision.

Every addition to the Hometap team is done with intricate attention and intention. Today, while we’re still small and rapidly growing, we’re made up of uniquely talented individuals eager to come together to make Hometap the best solution available for homeowners looking to access their equity.

While each member of the team has carved a distinctive path to reach the role he or she holds today, they have several core characteristics in common: a humble, roll-up-our-sleeves attitude, an inherent willingness to problem-solve, a passion for creating a revolutionary product, and a mutual respect for fellow Hometappers that allows us to collaborate with trust and execute with intent.

In our Employee Spotlight series, we shed light on the individuals behind Hometap, what they do, how they got here, and some of the brilliant, sometimes unorthodox practices that make them thought leaders and frontrunners in their fields.

Think you’d be a fitting addition to our team? Check out our open roles here.

Adam Sigel: 15 Questions with Hometap's Head of Product

Martha Carl: 16 Questions with Hometap's Head of Design

Steve Leibman: 13 Questions with Hometap's Head of Engineering 


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